Marie-Laure Brunet – EN


Marie-Laure Brunet was born in 1988 in the French Pyrenees. At the age of 14, she discovers biathlon and falls in love with this sport combining physical intensity and concentration. In 2007, after completing her sport-study program, she becomes Junior World Champion.

In the following years, she wins a series of competitions during the world championships, the world cups and the Olympic games. With her team or on her own, she ranks among the best biathletes and becomes a reference in biathlon.

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics were her last competition. After years of overtraining, her mind couldn't keep up with her body. Sadly, she fainted and had to be evacuated on a stretcher. Marie-Laure took advantage of that experience to analyze and understand what led her to the top, but also to learn from the tough moments she had to face.

Today, Marie-Laure shares her experience and expertise with a whole range of customers. After studying training, counselling and mentoring thanks to the INSEP (National Institute of Sport, Expertise, and Performance) Executive Master, she now shares her experience and advice, and help optimize individual and collective performance, improve wellness and retain employees within the organizations she coaches. Thanks to her method, based on an approach combining different tools (such as PNL, Clean Language and DISC), everyone becomes aware of his own competence.