Dr. Laurent Schmitt – EN

Research & Learning

Dr. Laurent Schmitt is a doctor of biology, lecturer in physical education, senior technical and educational advisor, associate researcher in sports sciences at the Lausanne University (Switzerland). He is also a teacher at the French national Nordic skiing center in Prémanon.
He is in charge of the performance and research department at the CNSNMM, the French national center for Nordic skiing and mountain sports. His research focuses on monitoring physical condition by measuring heart rate variability, training in hypoxia and the physiological effects of various levels of endurance training. He was a coordinator for the national competitive recruitment of PE teachers for eight years. He held the position of national training for the French men’s cross-country skiing teams for 10 years at the French ski federation. He mainly works with the French Nordic skiing teams but also with athletes in other sports or with training centers, such as the French tennis federation at Roland Garros; the French mountain biking, triathlon and duathlon teams; the French swimming center in Antibes and the professional cycling team AG2R.