Our philosophy

Health for all:
accurate, proven and effective

Our mission

Enable the largest number of people to make informed decisions about their health and well-being while reducing overall healthcare costs.

The right diagnosis, the right therapy for the right person at the right time.

Based on the analysis of athletes’ energy profiles, this methodology – developed by Dr Laurent Schmitt over 20 years ago – provides an objective measurement of the vital functions of any individual, enabling them to boost and optimize their energy levels every day through exercises and therapies adapted to their individual organism. We wish, helped by our expertise, to participate in the resolution of many current problems encountered in our societies:

Rise of overall health costs

  • In 2005: 2400 USD/inhabitant (OCDE 2005)
  • In 2015: 4000 USD/inhabitant (OCDE 2015)
  • Propose an accessible tool, making individuals responsible for their health.

Deterioration of the population’s health and well-being condition

  • Overweight : 19.4% (OCDE 2015)
  • Diabete : 7% (OCDE 2015)
  • Stress : 38% population active (OCDE 2015)
  • Depression et anxiety : 25% (OCDE 2015)
  • Cardiac hypertension : 20% (OCDE 2015)
  • Provide an effective tool monitoring the physiological condition and including remediations, accessible to all.

Rise of health care costs in organization

  • 20 billion euros per year of sub-prime health at work in Europe.
  • 85% of occupational illnesses lead to a work stoppage. 
  • 25% of corporate added value: lost turnover, in all sectors collectively, caused by demotivation.
  • Propose a monitoring tool, improving performance and well-being, integrated into the CSR and CHM policies of organizations.

Athletes’ overtraining and difficulty to provide a personalized follow-up

  • Propose a tool that detects overtraining before the appearance of the first sensitive symptoms and allows the implementation of personalized training planning for each individual.

Our Values


By applying concepts that are adaptable and accessible to everyone, be.care aims to make each individual take responsibility for their own health, by offering them a totally new approach to everyday wellness and enabling them to manage their own energy levels and performance.


As the result of sharing expertise and know-how by individuals with different backgrounds and specializations, be.care develops veritable health ecosystems that are participatory and adaptive. By creating synergy between the various healthcare partners – employers, the sports sector, insurance companies and private individuals – we make everyone responsible for their health and contribute to overall public health.


be.care is part of an ongoing innovative process using reliable and accessible connected medicine to bring about a sustainable reduction in overall healthcare costs, while offering straightforward yet effective tools to monitor health, well-being and performance.


The sports and healthcare sectors require partners equipped with unique know-how that can offer high-quality products and services. It is only natural for be.care to permanently seek out the excellence needed to satisfy its clients.

Our commitments


Enabling everyone to improve their health and performance. Reducing social inequality in the healthcare sector is currently a priority throughout the world. For this reason, we have undertaken to make our know-how and healthcare tools available to everyone, even the most underprivileged, and in the foreseeable future.

Mutual help

Of all living things on our planet, the species that survive best are those that help each other and live in harmony with their environment.

The human environment has evolved greatly. It now comprises all sorts of technologies but still contains vital natural elements.

As technology advances, we need to regularly reinvent new ecosystems that take account of these technologies. We develop veritable health ecosystems, inclusive and evolutionary, within individual companies.

Security & confidentiality

We do not put technology above the individual’s privacy.

All innovations must always be supervised by the medical profession and must serve humans rather than be served by them.

be.care anonymizes and encrypts all data before transmission

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