About be.care :

  • A Swiss company working in the e-health and quantified self industry.
  • A team of internationally recognized experts who have been conducting research for 20 years.
  • An innovative methodology based on algorithms protected under international
    copyright that uses heart rate variability as the starting point for assessing health status.
  • The inCORPUS® ecosystem, our flagship product, is based on four interconnected modules and enables anyone to play a role in improving their health and performance.
  • A desire to share this methodology with everyone, by offering the basic version free of charge.

Our sector :

  • Preventive medicine for the benefit of employers, insurance companies and private
  • Performance medicine for coaches, elite athletes, sports clubs and federations.

Our aim :

  • Providing accurate information about the state of health, thanks to a non-invasive tool that analyzes the impact of variations in the autonomic nervous system on our energy level.
  • Providing personalized monitoring of the user’s state of health.
  • Enabling elite athletes to enhance their performance.

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